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Please join us in reading Bnanana scandal with extremely interesting and interesting content. The story is written about the life of young people, energetic and talented students. Besides the excitement expressed on the outside, there are many emotions and feelings contained inside. Discover the story at

I. Summary of banana sacandal

Four years ago, Tae Hee, the younger brother of Tae Hwan, moved into Tae Hwan and Do Jin’s house as a new housemate in an American city. Tae Hwan is the main tenant and pays 80% of the monthly rent. Despite Tae Hee’s introverted and Otaku-like personality, there is a certain level of closeness between him and Do Jin.

Banana scandal
Banana scandal

After four years of working hard to return to the US, Tae Hee is thrilled to reunite with Do Jin. Tae Hee, who Do Jin initially mistook for Tae Hwan’s sister due to a name confusion, has undergone significant changes and now appears quite attractive. With Tae Hwan away attending a student conference in Hong Kong, Do Jin finds himself alone at home. This marks the beginning of an intriguing story between Do Jin and Tae Hee

II. Banana scandal manga character review

Do Jin is a tall and handsome character who possesses natural charm and self-confidence. He is mature and has a clear vision of life. Do Jin is responsible and dedicated in his work and career. However, in his personal life, he feels a special affection and attention towards Tae Hee, despite their significant differences in personality and interests. The intimacy between Do Jin and Tae Hee brings excitement and potential development to this character.

Do Jin
Do Jin

Tae Hee is the younger brother of Tae Hwan. He has a quite impressive and attractive appearance. However, Tae Hee has an introverted personality and a passionate interest in Otaku culture, often isolating himself (hikikomori). Nevertheless, Tae Hee has an endearing and adorable side, and he feels a sense of closeness with Do Jin despite their major differences. The development and transformation of Tae Hee over time are distinctive aspects that generate curiosity and interest from Do Jin.

Tea Hee
Tea Hee

Tae Hwan is the older brother of Tae Hee and the main tenant of the house where Do Jin and Tae Hee live together. Although not present for a significant part of the story, Tae Hwan plays an important role in creating the context and tension between Do Jin and Tae Hee. Tae Hwan is described as attending a student conference in Hong Kong, providing a private space for Do Jin and Tae Hee to develop their relationship.

Overall, all three characters are distinctive with their own unique traits. Do Jin embodies maturity and natural allure, Tae Hee possesses adorability and significant development, while Tae Hwan contributes to the context and tension in the narrative.

III. What’s so special about the banana sacandal story?

This story possesses several noteworthy aspects. Firstly, it presents a unique combination of the two main characters, Tae Hee and Do Jin. Tae Hee, an Otaku of the hikikomori type, and Do Jin, on the contrary, being tall and handsome. Despite their apparent differences, their intimacy and understanding grow over time.

Secondly, the story carries an element of surprise as Tae Hee returns after four years of separation, displaying a more attractive appearance. This sparks curiosity and special interest from Do Jin, marking the potential development of their relationship.

Banana scandal
Banana scandal

Thirdly, Tae Hwan’s absence while Do Jin and Tae Hee interact creates a private space and an opportunity for them to explore their connection. This generates tension and excitement within the story, with expectations for further developments.

In summary, this story stands out with its unique combination of the main characters, the element of surprise in Tae Hee’s transformation, and the private space that adds notable highlights to the narrative.


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