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Eugene Lee Yang, renowned for his vibrant presence with The Try Guys, has once again captured the internet’s attention. His latest viral video, a heartfelt farewell to the YouTube group, is not just a goodbye but a poignant reflection on his journey and a bold step towards new horizons. As fans worldwide share tears and tributes, Eugene’s departure marks the end of an era and the start of an exciting new chapter in his creative career.  Visit “” for more

I. Background of Eugene Lee Yang


A. Early Life and Career

Brief Overview of Eugene’s Early Life

Eugene Lee Yang was born on January 18, 1986, in Pflugerville, Texas, to South Korean immigrant parents. Growing up in a predominantly white community, Eugene often felt like an outsider, struggling with cultural identity and acceptance. His early life was marked by a strong inclination towards the arts, which he pursued through various creative endeavors such as theater, dance, and visual arts. Eugene attended the University of Southern California, where he majored in film production, honing his skills in storytelling and visual media.

His Rise to Fame with BuzzFeed and The Try Guys

After graduating, Eugene worked in various creative and production roles before joining BuzzFeed in 2013. At BuzzFeed, he quickly became known for his innovative and engaging video content, which often addressed social issues with a blend of humor and sensitivity. In 2014, Eugene, along with Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, and Zach Kornfeld, co-created “The Try Guys,” a series where the quartet would try various activities and challenges that pushed them out of their comfort zones. The series quickly gained popularity for its relatable humor, genuine camaraderie, and willingness to tackle diverse and sometimes controversial topics.

B. Achievements and Contributions

Major Projects and Viral Moments

Eugene’s tenure with The Try Guys was marked by numerous viral moments and successful projects. Some of the most notable include videos where the group tried traditionally female experiences, such as wearing high heels or simulating labor pains, which garnered millions of views and widespread acclaim. Eugene’s directorial skills shone in projects like “The Try Guys Try Drag for the First Time,”

 which was praised for its educational and respectful approach to drag culture. Another standout moment was his powerful coming-out video, “I’m Gay,” released in 2019. This deeply personal project not only showcased Eugene’s artistic talents but also his courage and commitment to authenticity.

Impact on LGBTQ+ Representation and Advocacy

Eugene’s influence extends beyond entertainment; he has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and representation. His coming-out video was a landmark moment that resonated with millions, providing visibility and support to many who felt unseen. Eugene has used his platform to speak out against discrimination, support LGBTQ+ organizations, and highlight issues such as mental health and racial equality. His advocacy work has cemented him as a role model and influential figure within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

II. The Viral Farewell Video

A. The Announcement

Details of the Farewell Video

In a heartfelt video released on The Try Guys’ YouTube channel, Eugene announced his departure from the group. The video, which quickly went viral, featured Eugene reflecting on his journey with The Try Guys, expressing gratitude for the experiences and friendships he had formed. He also shared his excitement for the future, hinting at new creative projects on the horizon.

Key Messages and Emotional Highlights

The farewell video was marked by several emotional highlights. Eugene spoke candidly about his reasons for leaving, emphasizing the importance of growth and change. He expressed his deep appreciation for his fellow Try Guys and the fans who had supported him throughout the years. The video concluded with a montage of memorable moments, underscoring the profound impact Eugene had on the group and its audience.

B. Reasons for Leaving

Eugene’s Explanation of His Departure

Eugene explained that his departure was driven by a desire to explore new creative opportunities and focus on personal growth. He mentioned that his schedule had become increasingly demanding, making it difficult to balance his commitments with The Try Guys and his individual pursuits. Eugene also alluded to the need for a clean break to fully embrace his next chapter.

The Impact of the 2022 Ned Fulmer Scandal on His Decision

The 2022 scandal involving Ned Fulmer, who was accused of inappropriate conduct, had a significant impact on Eugene’s decision. Eugene acknowledged that the scandal had been a challenging period for the group, prompting introspection and reevaluation of their paths. While Eugene did not cite the scandal as the sole reason for his departure, he indicated that it had contributed to his decision to seek new beginnings.

C. Fan Reactions

Compilation of Fan Comments and Tributes

Fans reacted to Eugene’s farewell video with an outpouring of support and emotion. Social media was flooded with comments and tributes, with many expressing their sadness at his departure but also their excitement for his future endeavors. Fans shared personal stories of how Eugene had inspired them, highlighting his impact on their lives.

Analysis of the Video’s Viral Spread

The farewell video quickly amassed millions of views, trending on YouTube and generating widespread media coverage. Analysts attributed the video’s viral spread to Eugene’s significant influence and the emotional resonance of his message. The video’s success underscored the deep connection Eugene had forged with his audience over the years.

III. Eugene’s Future Endeavors

A. Directorial Debut

Information About Eugene’s Upcoming Feature Film

Eugene’s next major project is his directorial debut, a feature film that he has described as an unbridled expression of his soul. While specific details about the film’s plot and cast remain under wraps, Eugene has shared that the project is deeply personal and inspired by his experiences and identity.

His Vision and Inspiration for the Project

Eugene’s vision for his directorial debut is to create a film that challenges conventional narratives and offers a fresh perspective on storytelling. He has drawn inspiration from his cultural heritage, personal struggles, and the diverse communities he represents. Eugene aims to craft a film that resonates on a profound emotional level while pushing the boundaries of cinematic art.

B. Continued Creativity

Other Projects and Potential Guest Appearances

In addition to his feature film, Eugene has several other creative projects in the pipeline. These include potential collaborations in fashion, digital media, and advocacy work. Eugene has expressed interest in guest-starring in future Try Guys videos, maintaining a connection with the group and its fans.

Eugene’s Statement on Future Collaborations

Eugene has emphasized that while he is stepping away from The Try Guys, he remains open to future collaborations. He values the relationships he has built and looks forward to exploring new creative partnerships that align with his vision and values.

IV. The Try Guys’ Transition

A. Changes Within the Group

The Announcement of Eugene’s Departure by Remaining Members

Following Eugene’s announcement, the remaining members of The Try Guys—Keith, Ned, and Zach—released a statement expressing their support for Eugene’s decision. They highlighted the contributions Eugene had made to the group and reassured fans that they would continue to create engaging content.

Introduction of New Content and the 2ndTryTV Platform

The Try Guys also introduced their new subscription-based platform, 2ndTryTV. This platform aims to offer exclusive content and behind-the-scenes access to fans, ensuring continued engagement and innovation. The group plans to experiment with new formats and collaborations, keeping their content fresh and exciting.

B. Future of The Try Guys

Plans for the Group Moving Forward

The Try Guys are committed to evolving and adapting in Eugene’s absence. They plan to introduce new cast members and explore different types of content, staying true to their ethos of creativity and inclusivity. Fans can look forward to a mix of familiar and new faces as the group embarks on this new phase.

How Fans Can Stay Connected with Their Content

Fans can stay connected with The Try Guys through their YouTube channel, social media platforms, and the 2ndTryTV subscription service. The group is dedicated to maintaining a close relationship with their audience, encouraging feedback and interaction.

V. Impact and Legacy

A. Eugene’s Influence on Digital Media

His Role in Shaping Online Content Creation

Eugene has played a pivotal role in shaping online content creation, pushing the boundaries of what digital media can achieve. His innovative approach to storytelling and willingness to tackle complex issues have set a high standard for content creators. Eugene’s influence is evident in the diverse and inclusive nature of today’s digital landscape.

Lasting Impact on Fans and the Digital Community

Eugene’s impact on fans and the digital community is profound and lasting. He has inspired countless individuals with his authenticity, creativity, and advocacy. Eugene’s work has fostered a sense of belonging and representation, leaving an indelible mark on those who have followed his journey.

B. The Evolution of The Try Guys

How the Group Has Transformed Over the Years

The Try Guys have undergone significant transformation since their inception, evolving from a BuzzFeed series to an independent brand with a global following. Their willingness to take risks and address important issues has kept them relevant and beloved by fans.

Their Ongoing Commitment to Innovation and Inclusivity

The Try Guys remain committed to innovation and inclusivity, continually pushing the envelope with their content. They strive to create an environment where diverse voices are heard and celebrated, ensuring that their platform remains a space for creativity and connection.


Eugene Lee Yang’s departure from The Try Guys is a bittersweet moment for fans and followers. While his absence will be deeply felt, his heartfelt farewell and ambitious new projects promise an exciting future. As Eugene steps into his next role as a director and continues to inspire with his creativity, the world eagerly anticipates the stories he will bring to life.


1: Why did Eugene Lee Yang leave The Try Guys? A: Eugene cited his busy schedule and the need for a clean break as primary reasons, alongside personal reflections following the Ned Fulmer scandal.

2: Will Eugene Lee Yang appear in future Try Guys videos? A: Eugene expressed hope to guest star in future videos, though he will not be a regular member.

3: What is Eugene Lee Yang’s next project? A: Eugene is working on his directorial debut, a feature film that he describes as an unbridled expression of his soul.

4: How can fans stay updated on Eugene’s work? A: Fans can follow Eugene on his social media platforms for updates on his projects and appearances.

5: What changes are happening with The Try Guys? A: The Try Guys are launching a new subscription-based platform, 2ndTryTV, and will continue to produce content with new additions to the cast.

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