gino mäder unfall video

On Friday, 26-year-old Swiss cyclist Gino Mäder passed away. He was previously found unconscious after a collision during the Tour de Suisse race while approaching the finish line of a difficult fifth stage on Thursday when he fell into a ditch. Latest updates at

I. Who is Gino Mader?

Gino Mäder (Standard Swiss German pronunciation: [ˈdʒiːno ˈmɛːdər]; 4 January 1997 – 16 June 2023) was a Swiss cyclist. The last time he played for UCI WorldTeam Bahrain Victorious. Mäder died in an accident during the 2023 Tour de Suisse.

Later in the year 2021 Mäder rode the Vuelta a España. After losing three minutes over the first eight stages, he began to perform strongly starting on stage nine, when he finished seventh on the mountain stage to Alto de Velefique. Over the rest of the race, he continued his strong performance while serving as a domestique for Jack Haig.

gino mader
gino mader

On stage 17, which finished atop the Lagos de Covadonga, Mäder finished with the elite group that finished a minute and a half down on the race leader, Primož Roglič. The result lifted him inside the top ten on GC.
The next day, on the race’s queen stage to Altu d’El Gamoniteiru [es], Haig and Mäder finished fifth and seventh, respectively, at almost a minute down, with Mäder moving up to eighth on GC. On the race’s penultimate stage, Mäder and Haig, together with Roglič, Enric Mas, and Adam Yates, comprised the five-man group that escaped from the GC group on the third to the last climb.

gino mader crash video
gino mader crash video

The group continued to build their advantage over the other contenders, with the move allowing Mäder to rise inside the top five overall and Haig to move into the third spot on GC. Mäder also took the lead in the young rider classification as he overhauled Egan Bernal. He held his position in the final day time trial to finish the Vuelta in fifth and confirming his victory in the young rider classification.

II. Information about Gino Mader’s accident and death

About 30 minutes before the start of the sixth leg of the eight-day Tour de Suisse, news of Mäder’s death was announced. The riders waited in respectful silence as the start time was adjourned.

On a stretch near the end of the mountainous fifth stage into La Punt, both Mäder and another driver, Magnus Sheffield of the United States, collided. The medical response team discovered Mäder floating in the swimming pool. Race officials reported that CPR was successful in resuscitating Mäder before he was evacuated to the hospital.

Sheffield was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for concussion and bruising, according to event organizers.

III. The reaction of the participants in the race

World champion Remco Evenepoel has expressed dissatisfaction with the route.
Evenepoel, who is currently fourth in the overall standings and tenth at stage five, criticized the route to be used on Thursday. Evenepoel is from Belgium and is the defending world champion.

Evenepoel tweeted on Thursday that while it was possible to complete the summit, it was “not the right decision for us to complete this dangerous downhill run.” As motorcyclists, we should consider the dangers of going down the mountain.

gino mäder unfall video
gino mäder unfall video

Eren said the team will continue to race in memory of Gino Mader.

“We are determined to show the spirit and passion that Gino has shown, and he will always be an integral part of our team,” Er’en said.
Bahrain-Victorious Milan CEO Eren said: “We are saddened by the passing of outstanding cyclist Gino Mäder. We are all driven by his skill, commitment and energy. He is a great person as well as a great cyclist. Our hearts go out to all who knew and loved him, and our prayers are with them as they go through this terrible time.

[“Gino’s family and loved ones are always in our thoughts and prayers as we go through this extremely difficult time,” said the team captain, “who, along with the rest of us, Our group is devastated by this terrible accident.”

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