Kibbutz Attacked by Hamas: A Terrifying Ordeal

The quiet tranquility of Alumim, a kibbutz located just 2 miles from the Gaza border, was shattered when it came under a brutal attack by Hamas militants. This horrifying incident left British-Israeli survivor Esther Marcus, her family, and the community traumatized.Kibbutz Attacked by Hamas: A Terrifying Ordeal, Their harrowing experience during the 27-hour ordeal revealed the resilience and courage of those living in this close-knit community, At

I. Features of the Kibbutz Attack

Kibbutz Attacked by Hamas: A Terrifying Ordeal
Kibbutz Attacked by Hamas: A Terrifying Ordeal

Amidst the chaos and bloodshed, Esther Marcus, a social worker and therapist who left London for Israel in 1984, found herself holed up in a safe room with her family. They were joined by armed guards, members of a specially trained civilian army comprised of men aged between 20 and 40. These brave individuals risked their lives to defend the kibbutz from the relentless Hamas assault.

Inside the safe room, darkness prevailed as they turned off lights and held onto hope for survival. With limited supplies and no respite from the sound of gunfire and rockets overhead, the family faced immense challenges, particularly in keeping two babies quiet amidst the chaos. Meanwhile, the group of men valiantly engaged the terrorists, ultimately eliminating a number of them.

II. Overview of the Attack

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) finally arrived at the kibbutz, relieving the exhausted makeshift army that had fought tirelessly to protect their community. Evacuation orders were issued to Esther Marcus and her family, but leaving the safe room did not guarantee immediate safety. The uncertainty lingered as they took shelter again before finally being able to leave the kibbutz.

The aftermath revealed the devastating toll the attack had taken. Seventeen Thai workers at the kibbutz were mercilessly killed by Hamas militants, leaving Esther Marcus and others in shock and grief. The senseless loss of life and the wreckage inflicted upon their community further intensified their pain and anguish.

III. Biography of the Attack

The repercussions of this attack extended beyond the immediate survivors. Esther Marcus’s son and son-in-law were called to reserve duty as soon as they emerged from the safe room, highlighting the ongoing risks faced by those defending their homeland. Tragically, a son from another family within the kibbutz was killed while volunteering to support the IDF.

Additionally, there are still unanswered questions about the fate of a son from another nearby kibbutz. The uncertainty surrounding his wellbeing adds to the distress experienced by the families affected by this heinous act of violence. Reports of kidnappings, witnessing parents being shot, and homes being destroyed painted a bleak picture of the terror that unfolded during the attack.

IV. Who Will Use the Kibbutz Attacked by Hamas

Kibbutz Attacked by Hamas: A Terrifying Ordeal
Kibbutz Attacked by Hamas: A Terrifying Ordeal

The kibbutz targeted by Hamas serves as both a residential community and an agricultural collective operating on principles of communal living. It is home to Israeli citizens and foreigners alike who have chosen to be a part of this unique way of life. These individuals contribute to the agricultural production, foster a strong sense of community, and endure shared hardships.

V. What Happened During the Kibbutz Attack

The day began with emergency sirens blaring, signaling the imminent danger posed by Hamas militants. Esther Marcus recounted the relentless gunfire and rocket attacks that plagued their kibbutz. Fear gripped their hearts as they sought refuge in the safe room, praying for survival. The selfless actions of the group of men trained as a civilian army played a pivotal role in defending against the terrifying infiltration attempts by Hamas militants.

VI. Where Did the Kibbutz Attack Take Place

The kibbutz attacked by Hamas is situated approximately 2 miles from the Gaza border in Alumim, Israel. This location, so close to the conflict zone, makes it particularly vulnerable to attacks by militant groups like Hamas. The geographical proximity accentuates the constant dangers faced by those residing in this area.

VII. When Did the Kibbutz Attack Occur

The attack on the kibbutz occurred on a fateful Saturday morning when emergency sirens pierced the air shortly before 6 am. The ensuing 27 hours would forever be etched in the memory of survivors like Esther Marcus and her family. The assault finally ceased when the IDF arrived on Sunday morning at 1 am.

VIII. Opinions on the Kibbutz Attack

Esther Marcus’s firsthand account provides a glimpse into the sheer horror experienced by those caught in the crossfire of this violent attack. Survivors like Noa Beer, who encountered a Hamas gunman during the Supernova festival, also shared their harrowing stories. These testimonies shed light on the terror faced by individuals who were forced to confront the brutal reality of conflict.

IX. Watch Video: Hamas release video of attack on kibbutz

X. 5 FAQs about the Kibbutz Attack

  1. How did the group of men trained as a civilian army save lives during the attack? The group of men courageously engaged the Hamas militants, successfully neutralizing several terrorists attempting to infiltrate the kibbutz.
  1. Were there any casualties among the residents of the kibbutz? Sadly, 17 Thai workers were killed during the attack, leaving the community devastated.
  1. What happened to the survivors after the IDF arrived? Once the IDF relieved the makeshift army, survivors were evacuated and faced further uncertainty as they sought shelter and awaited news of loved ones.
  1. Were there any British-Israeli dual nationals affected by the attack? According to the UK Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, a significant number of British-Israeli dual nationals were caught up in the conflict, with at least three reported deaths.
  1. What impact will this attack have on the community and Israel as a whole? This brutal attack serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict and the threats faced by Israeli citizens living near the Gaza border. It highlights the resilience and determination of individuals who refuse to be broken by acts of terrorism.


The kibbutz attack by Hamas stands as a horrifying testament to the relentless violence that plagues the region. The personal accounts of survivors like Esther Marcus and Noa Beer reveal the immense bravery displayed amidst chaos and panic. As the affected community mourns their losses and rebuilds their shattered lives, they stand united in their determination to persevere against all odds.

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