Single Mom Birthday Cake Tiktok Single Mom Crying Birthday Cake

Last week, Elizabeth Teckenbrock went viral for posting a heartbreaking video of herself on TikTok sobbing as she revealed “Being a single mom is making your own birthday cake on your birthday so that your babies can feel happy they are singing to you.” Since going viral, the initial video unveiled a much darker situation involving lost custody, an alleged Scientologist ex, and even accusations of faking cancer.

Single Mom Birthday Cake Tiktok

Ex-husband Andrew Cormier entered the virtually never-ending chat upon seeing Elizabeth’s video quickly going viral (her clip has reached nearly 50 million views on TikTok).


the single mom crying while she bakes her own birthday cake may be lying. Her ex husband got on tiktok and cleared some stuff up. #morethanelizabeth #singlemom #singlemomlife #reinventingelizabeth

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Taking to his own TikTok page over the weekend to respond to Elizabeth’s claims of being alone on her birthday, Andrew posted a two-minute-long video which also went viral.

On his TikTok page, which goes under the “Reinventing Elizabeth” username, the 37-year-old man presented himself as Elizabeth’s ex-husband who had full custody of their children.

Single Mom Birthday Cake Tiktok
Single Mom Birthday Cake Tiktok

Elizabeth Teckenbrock went viral with a video about the struggles of being a single mom, leading to public disputes with her ex-husband, Andrew Cormier

According to Andrew, Elizabeth owes him over $21,000 in child support in addition to having been charged with check fraud.

“It turned out that it was found that she stole almost a million dollars from another guy,” Andrew, who has been posting content exposing his problematic marriage since at least 2022, said.

Single Mom Crying Birthday Cake

The TikToker went on to claim that his 29-year-old ex-spouse had faked cancer in the past, sharing shots of scans that he said she would post on social media.

“She’s really not a full-time mom,” Andrew said. “She barely has her kids, she goes out all the time and she doesn’t even have a job.”

The single dad continued: “She’s just really not someone that other single moms should really be looking towards as for inspiration or anything like that.

“There are a lot of, hard-working single moms out there and a lot of respect to them.

“All I just wanna say is she just isn’t one of them.”
Andrew accused Elizabeth of owing child support and faking cancer
Ex-Husband Reveals Mom’s Dark Past After Tearful B-Day Cake Video Went Viral

Despite Andrew’s claim that Elizabeth barely saw her children, the woman has seemingly been posting videos regularly with her family.

In fact, just last week (May 22), Elizabeth filmed herself accompanying her daughter to school, which would contradict Andrew’s assertion that she does not see their children on weekdays.

And on Friday (May 21), the single mom posted a video of her morning routine that featured her dogs and a clip of herself waking up her children, which made it appear that she was living with the kids Andrew said she didn’t have custody of.

On Saturday (May 22), Elizabeth addressed Andrew’s response video in a clip shared on TikTok.

In the nine-minute-long video, the TikToker clarified that she had never wished to mention nor send any hate messages towards her ex-spouse.

She went on to explain that Andrew had been creating websites painting her in a bad light ever since she had left him, a practice Elizabeth pinned to the “Scientologist aspect of his life.”

Elizabeth countered by accusing Andrew, allegedly a Scientologist, of creating smear websites and being abusive
Ex-Husband Reveals Mom’s Dark Past After Tearful B-Day Cake Video Went Viral

“If you go on the website, there’s actually Scientologist links that he’s added there,” Elizabeth explained.

Andrew has created several websites in addition to social media pages dedicated to smearing his former spouse’s reputation, such as, where visitors are invited to share their own rumors or tips about the woman.

The website is filled with personal details, court records, and negative portrayals, and claims not to be affiliated with Elizabeth herself.

It is consistent with tactics described in reports about how Scientology created defamatory websites against its critics and featured links to Scientology-affiliated sites, like Elizabeth proved .

“Getting out of the Scientist mindset in a relationship is not a good thing and not an easy thing,” Elizabeth says.

The heartbroken mother went on to allege that Andrew was “extremely abusive.”

Both posted contradictory statements on TikTok

“I’ve been very mentally unwell since that happened,” Elizabeth admitted, recounting Andrew’s backlash to her first viral video.

The TikToker denied not being able to see his children, stating: “I’m the one who throws their birthday parties, I’m the one who puts them to bed, I’m the one who does everything until he pulls them away. ”

She further explained that the court documents Andrew shared online were agreed upon when she first left him “free of abuse.”

The ex-husband revealed his mother’s dark past after the tearful birthday cake video went viral

“I have no resources, no money, nothing,” Elizabeth says before detailing how Scientologists destroy life.

“That’s the nature of being a Scientologist, that’s what they do,” Elizabeth explains.

“And if you knew anything about them, you would know it.”

According to Andrew, Elizabeth owed him more than $21,000 in child support and was charged with check fraud.

Elizabeth claims her ex-husband banned their daughter from attending her birthday, which left her “devastated.”

“I tried for three years not to reveal him online, not to talk about who he was, because as a mother it was the right thing to do,” she said.

She said Elizabeth, who became a mother for the first time at 16, devoted her life to her family.

The ex-husband revealed his mother’s dark past after the tearful birthday cake video went viral

“Does that mean I haven’t gone out with friends or done stupid things? Yes,” she admitted. “But my child has never felt unsafe in my care.”

In the video, the mother, a spokesperson for domestic violence support organization Fear to Fierce, revealed that she had struggled with mental disorders due to “severe trauma”.

“He basically turned everyone in my life against me,” Elizabeth said, as she claimed Andrew tried to contact everyone who happened to be involved in her life.


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