What is Streamer Markiplier TikTok filter leak? @markiplier 777 filter

An eye-catching image allegedly “markiplier leak” showing streamer and YouTuber Markiplier with a red-eye image was leaked on TikTok in the past 24 hours using Filter 777 to display the following NSFW image when a cute video of Discord’s mascot “Wumpus” appeared dancing.

What is Streamer Markiplier TikTok filter leak?

The so-called “TikTok Markiplier Filter Leaked” was only available for a few hours on TikTok, which was enough time for some users to check the filter and be surprised by the streamer’s supposedly spicy photo. Those who can’t use the “777 filter” will receive a series of interactive baits in which people share their reactions after seeing the Markiplier mascot.

What is Streamer Markiplier TikTok filter leak? @markiplier 777 filter
What is Streamer Markiplier TikTok filter leak? @markiplier 777 filter

So is Markiplier’s leak real? How did the “Sraka filter” go viral on TikTok and what are the memes about it?

Who leaked the Markiplier photo?
TikToker @pilsudskidog is the creator of Markiplier’s 777 filter, which is a trend on TikTok that displays Rule 34 and attention-grabbing content, including leaked images of the streamer. The filter is called “Sraka Filter” and started going viral on Sunday night (May 5) but was quickly removed from TikTok. User

Is the Markiplier leak real?

No, Markiplier’s Leaked photo is not real and has been circulating online since 2019. Reddit user @ibrokemyheart found evidence that Twitter site (X) editlux was responsible for the streamer’s deepfake photo This is an account that focuses on AI images of famous people.

How did the Markiplier 777 Filter become a viral topic on TikTok?

The earliest known viral post about the 777 Markiplier filter was uploaded by TikTok user @blank_soup hours after @pilsudskidog uploaded the filter to the platform. The video (shown below) showing her reaction to Markiplier’s alleged scathing selfie racked up more than 13 million plays in less than a day.

What was Markiplier’s reaction to the leaked photo?

As of May 6, 2024, Markiplier has yet to comment on the purported leak.

What is the 777 Markiplier filter meme on TikTok?
A small group of people on TikTok who used the 777 Markiplier filter began posting POV videos of their reactions after seeing Markiplier’s leaked photos. The videos do not show actual images but are mainly content that attracts engagement to attract more likes and views.


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