The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem (Series 2021-2023)

Discover the intricate world of ‘The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem with our deep dive into this captivating historical melodrama. At, we unravel the layers of family dynamics set against Israel’s rich historical backdrop. Immerse yourself in a tale that blends personal struggles with transformative events of a nation. For an authentic and comprehensive exploration of this masterpiece, is your go-to destination. Dive in and experience the essence of a time gone by

I. Introduction to “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

In recent years, the world of television has been graced with a captivating Israeli melodrama titled “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem.” Drawing inspiration from the novel penned by Sarit Yishai-Levi, this series brings the essence of the literary masterpiece to the small screen. As one delves into the genre, it becomes clear that the melodramatic tones are intricately woven, capturing the audience’s attention from the get-go. With a commendable rating of 7.4, “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” has not only garnered critical acclaim but has also captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. Spanning from 2021 to 2023, this series stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of stories that the Israeli entertainment industry has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of heart-rending dramas or just looking for a series that offers a deep dive into cultural narratives, “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” is a must-watch.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem
Introduction to “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

II. Background and Setting of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

“The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” transports its viewers to a pivotal period in history, unfolding against the backdrop of the Ottoman Empire, followed by The British Mandate, and culminating in Israel’s War of Independence. This multi-generational historical melodrama artfully navigates the intricate tapestry of events, relationships, and cultural shifts that marked this era.

One of the standout features of the series is its linguistic richness. “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” embraces a diverse palette of languages, including Hebrew, English, Ladino, and Arabic. Each language serves as a testament to the region’s cultural and historical mosaic, providing viewers with an authentic auditory experience that complements the visual narrative.

Originating from Israel, the series is deeply rooted in its native land’s history and culture. Through its episodes, “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” offers a window into the lives, challenges, and aspirations of its characters, set against the ever-changing political and social landscapes of Israel. It’s more than just a drama; it’s a journey through time, echoing the voices and stories of generations past.

Background and Setting of "The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem
Background and Setting of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem

III. Production and Release of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

Crafting a series as intricate as “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” requires a visionary at its helm. In this case, the directorial prowess of Oded Davidoff played a central role in bringing the story to life. Under his guidance, the tale was transformed from words on a page to a living, breathing representation of history and drama on screen.

The series was produced by the renowned production company “yes,” which has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of Israeli television. With their dedication to quality and authenticity, they ensured that “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” resonated with both local and international audiences.

Initially airing on Israel’s “Yes Drama” network, the series quickly garnered attention and acclaim. Recognizing its global appeal, Netflix, the international streaming giant, secured rights for its worldwide audience. This collaboration amplified the series’ reach, making “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” accessible to viewers from various corners of the globe.

The series made its debut on June 7, 2021. Following its success, Netflix introduced Season 1 to its international audience, premiering it across different countries from May 20, 2022, to February 9, 2023. The anticipation built around the series ensured that its second season was eagerly awaited, and it did not disappoint. Season 2 was unveiled on Netflix on July 14, 2023, further cementing “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” as a global sensation.

Production and Release of "The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem"
Production and Release of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

IV. Plot Summary of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

At the heart of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” lies the captivating tale of the Ermoza family, whose lives and legacies are deeply intertwined with the tumultuous historical events of their homeland. The narrative masterfully weaves the family’s personal journey with the broader tapestry of Palestine’s history, particularly during the reign of the Ottoman Empire and the consequential British Mandate for Palestine.

The genius of the series lies in its dual timeline narrative. As viewers are introduced to the unfolding events, they are simultaneously transported between the present and the past. This alternating narrative provides a profound depth to the story, allowing for a richer understanding of the characters’ motivations, struggles, and triumphs, as well as the impact of historical events on their personal lives.

Central to the plot are the main characters: Gabriel Ermoza, portrayed by the talented Michael Aloni, and Rosa Ermoza, brought to life by Hila Saada. Their complex relationship forms the backbone of the series, offering viewers a glimpse into the intricacies of love, loyalty, and family dynamics. Their three daughters, Luna, Rochelita, and Becky, further enrich the storyline, each bringing their unique personalities and challenges to the fore.

In “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” the personal and the political are inextricably linked. The Ermoza family’s tale is not just a family drama but also a reflection of the broader societal changes and challenges faced by the people of Palestine during these defining moments in history. Through the eyes of the Ermoza family, viewers are offered a deeply personal and poignant exploration of love, loss, and legacy set against the backdrop of a land in transition.

V. Main Cast of “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

The success of “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” is not only attributed to its compelling storyline and historical depth but also to the stellar cast that brings each character to life with authenticity and fervor.

  • Swell Ariel Or steps into the role of Luna Ermoza, the eldest daughter in the Ermoza family. Her portrayal captures the essence of a young woman navigating the complexities of love, family, and identity amidst the backdrop of historical upheavals.
  • Michael Aloni, a well-known name in the world of television, plays Gabriel Ermoza. His portrayal of the family patriarch is both powerful and nuanced, reflecting the weight of tradition, responsibility, and personal desires.
  • As Rosa Ermoza, Hila Saada offers a heart-wrenching performance. Her character embodies the struggles and joys of motherhood, love, and sacrifice, setting the tone for many of the family’s internal dynamics.
  • The series is further enriched by a host of talented actors and actresses who complete the ensemble, each contributing to the intricate tapestry of relationships, events, and emotions that make “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” a standout production.

Together, the main cast, along with the supporting actors, ensures that the series resonates with viewers, making it a memorable experience that lingers long after the final credits roll.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem

VI. Production Details of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

The production journey of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” is a testament to the dedication and meticulous attention to detail that went into creating this mesmerizing series.

  • Filming Timeline: The production wheels were set in motion in the summer of 2020. Despite the challenges that often come with filming a historical drama, the team’s commitment ensured that the series was brought to life with authenticity and precision.
  • Locations: The picturesque city of Safed was one of the primary filming locations, offering a backdrop that perfectly encapsulated the historical and cultural essence of the story. Further enriching the visual narrative, the Frenkel Frenel Museum and the Beit Castel Gallery were also chosen as key filming sites. These locations not only provided the necessary historical ambiance but also added layers of depth and realism to the series.
  • Recognition: The impact and brilliance of “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” were undeniable, leading it to close the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles in May 2022. This honor was a testament to the series’ international appeal and the stellar work of the entire production team.

These intricate production details, combined with a compelling storyline and an outstanding cast, have solidified “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” as a series that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

VII. Review Highlights of “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

“The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” has garnered significant attention and praise from critics and viewers alike, and several aspects of the series stand out as particularly noteworthy:

  • Atmospheric Authenticity: The series masterfully captures the unique atmosphere of Palestine during the critical years leading up to the birth of Israel. The visuals, dialogue, and performances collectively paint a vivid picture of a land and its people at the cusp of monumental change.
  • Historical Depth: One of the series’ most applauded features is its portrayal of the historical divisions within the Jewish community. By shedding light on the two wars that preceded Israel’s independence, “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” offers a nuanced understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by the Jewish people during this period.
  • Sense of Time and Place: Beyond the historical events, the series excels in conveying a deep sense of time and place. The detailed settings, combined with the emotional depth of the characters, transport viewers to a bygone era, making them feel intimately connected to the world of the Ermoza family.

These review highlights underscore the series’ ability to resonate on multiple levels, making “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” not just a historical drama, but a timeless exploration of family, identity, and nationhood.

VIII. Background of the Novel for “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

The foundation for the captivating TV series, “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” lies in the pages of the bestselling novel from which it draws inspiration.

  • Popularity and Sales: The novel quickly became a literary sensation, selling over 300,000 copies. Its blend of historical depth, family dynamics, and cultural exploration resonated deeply with readers, earning it a prominent place in contemporary literature.
  • The Ermoza Family Saga: At the heart of the novel is the tale of the Ermoza family, a Ladino-Sephardic lineage. The family carries a poignant curse: the women who marry into the Ermoza clan are destined to be unloved by their husbands. This curse, steeped in layers of emotion and history, spans across three generations, each grappling with the weight of tradition, love, and destiny.
  • Historical Canvas: The novel is set against the transformative backdrop of Israel’s establishment and continues through the 1970s. This period, rife with political, social, and cultural changes, serves as the stage upon which the Ermoza family’s personal dramas and triumphs unfold.

The novel’s rich tapestry of characters, events, and emotions provided the perfect blueprint for the TV adaptation, ensuring that “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” remains a beloved story across both literary and visual mediums.

IX. Conclusion on “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”

“The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” stands as a shining example of how historical melodramas can artfully intertwine intimate family dynamics with the broader strokes of significant historical events. The series delves deep into the heart of Israel’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and tradition, offering viewers a journey that is both enlightening and emotionally resonant.

Through its authentic portrayal of the region’s past, the series manages to capture the very essence of the time and place, transporting audiences to an era of transformation, struggle, and hope. Whether one is drawn to the personal trials and triumphs of the Ermoza family or the wider socio-political landscape of Israel, “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” offers a comprehensive and compelling narrative that lingers in the mind long after the final scene. It is not just a story of a family or a nation but a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity amidst change and challenge.


1. Is there a book Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?
Yes, “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” is a novel written by Sarit Yishai-Levi.
2. What happens to Luna in the book Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?
In the novel, Luna Ermoza, the beautiful and rebellious daughter of Gabriel Ermoza, experiences love, loss, and complex family dynamics, all set against the backdrop of Jerusalem’s history. Her personal journey, including her relationships and the family curse, forms a significant part of the story.
3. What is The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem based on?
“Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” is based on the novel of the same name by Sarit Yishai-Levi.
4. What is The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem about?
“Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” is about the Ermoza family, particularly focusing on Luna Ermoza. It delves into the family’s history, secrets, and the curse that haunts the women of the family over generations. The story is set against the historical backdrop of Jerusalem, spanning events from the Ottoman Empire to the establishment of Israel.
5. What is the story behind The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?
The story behind “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” revolves around the Ermoza family, a Ladino-Sephardic family living in Jerusalem. They are plagued by a curse where the women who marry into the family are unloved by their husbands. The novel follows three generations of the family, focusing on their challenges, relationships, and the historical events of the time.
6. How realistic is The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?
“Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” offers a fictional portrayal but is grounded in the historical and cultural realities of the time periods it covers. It provides a realistic depiction of the societal norms, family dynamics, and events during the time periods in Jerusalem.
7. Who does Luna marry in Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?
In the novel, Luna’s love life and the choices she makes, including her marriage, are central to the storyline. However, to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t read the book, specific details about her marriage and relationships should be discovered directly from the source.
8. What happens to Luna in the book Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?
Luna Ermoza, a central character in “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” undergoes a journey of love, heartbreak, and personal growth. Her relationships, the family curse, and her interactions with various members of the Ermoza family play a pivotal role in her storyline.
9. Is The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem a good show?
“Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” has received positive reviews for its portrayal of historical events, family dynamics, and the rich cultural tapestry of Jerusalem. The show has a rating of 7.4, which suggests that many viewers found it to be a good and engaging series. However, like all shows, individual opinions on its quality can vary.
10. What are the pills in The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?
As of my last training data in January 2022, specific details about “pills” in “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” are not provided. For detailed or updated plot elements, it’s best to refer directly to the series or check newer sources.
11. Who is the belly dancer in The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?
As of my last update, specific details regarding a “belly dancer” character in “Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” are not provided in the information I have. You might need to refer directly to the series or its official synopsis for such specific character details.
12. What is the plot of Netflix Beauty Queen of Jerusalem?
“Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” on Netflix is an Israeli television series that tells the story of the Ermoza family, intertwined with the history during Ottoman rule and then under the British Mandate for Palestine. It explores the family’s fortunes during the subsequent periods of depression and war. The series employs a dual timeline narrative, with stories from the present and past presented alternately, focusing on characters like Gabriel and Rosa Ermoza and their three daughters. The backdrop of Palestine during significant historical events adds depth to the family drama unfolding throughout the series.

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