Ty Dolla Sign and Vitaly shaves Pedo head catching child predators

Check out the latest collaboration between Ty Dolla Sign and Vitaly as they take on the mission of catching child predators in action. In this exclusive article on, delve into the controversial yet impactful initiative where the duo confronts alleged predators, one shave at a time. Join us as we explore the ethical debates and reactions surrounding their vigilante justice approach.

Collaboration to Catch Predators

US-based Russian content creator Vitaly has teamed up with American singer, songwriter, and record producer Ty Dolla Sign to stream a “catching child predators” show on Kick. Their collaboration aims to expose and confront alleged child predators, dispensing vigilante justice while streaming live.

Ty Dolla Sign and Vitaly shaves Pedo head "catching child predators"
Ty Dolla Sign and Vitaly shaves Pedo head “catching child predators”

Watch video Ty Dolla Sign and Vitaly shaves Pedo

Live Streaming of Takedowns

The series, titled “10 Nights of Killing,” follows the duo’s efforts to catch predators in action. The first stream showcased multiple alleged predators who were lured and captured by Vitaly and Ty Dolla Sign.

Confrontations with Alleged Predators

One viral clip from the stream captured a confrontation where Vitaly and Ty Dolla Sign chased a man who allegedly attempted to meet a 15-year-old. They partially shaved his head and simulated throwing a grenade, intending to make an example of him. Despite the man’s denials, Vitaly and Ty Dolla Sign confronted him, highlighting the severity of his actions.

Reactions and Controversy

Viewers expressed shock and concern about the duo’s actions, debating the ethics of their approach to justice. Some suggested that they could face legal repercussions for their vigilante actions. Meanwhile, others joked about potential future targets, including Drake.

Program in a different situation


The program holds significant value in raising awareness about the dangers posed by child predators and asserting that such behavior is intolerable. However, the methods of vigilante justice and direct confrontation may spark controversy regarding legal and ethical considerations. Perspectives on this approach may vary, necessitating careful discussion to ensure fairness and effectiveness.


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