Video Truth Famous Korean BJ found dead in Cambodia

“Video Truth Famous Korean BJ found dead in Cambodia” on – Shocking information about the remarkable incident. The information exploded and caused outrage in public opinion not only in Korea but also in the whole world. The incident was initially confirmed to be related to the beauty salon issue, the need for beauty is the current trend. provides reliable information, fast news and insightful analysis of featured events. Watch now to learn more about this surprising story and get a complete overview of the current situation!”

I. Video Truth Korean famous BJ was found dead in Cambodia

A body wrapped in a red shirt is stuck in a puddle in Cambodia. Authorities later determined the remains belonged to pioneon, a South Korean woman in her 30s, better known as the host of BJ IO, a popular internet broadcast

The body was discovered at a construction site in Kendall. The province near Punong Pen on June 6, 2023

Beyond BJ is famous in Korea
Beyond BJ is famous in Korea

surprised many people and raised many questions about what the online celebrity did in this country and what circumstances caused her tragic death.

II. Video Truth Famous Korean BJ found dead in Cambodia: Doubt and seek the truth:

Their local police used fingerprints to analyze clothes and caught a Chinese couple running this hospital.
however raises many questions prompting various speculations what we can put together is Beyond entering Cambodia with a
acquaintance on June 2 and visited a hospital run by the Chinese couple. 4th time IV injection or serum. The Chinese couple told police that Miss Beyond suddenly had a seizure and died.

Famous Korean BJ found dead in Cambodia
Famous Korean BJ found dead in Cambodia

However, such testimony could not explain the signs displayed on the victim’s body. The marks on the victim’s body raise the suspicion that the victim was brutally beaten before dying. The real cause is still being investigated and more witnesses are found.

An AFP report on June 14 in Cambodia expected the guilty couple to be sentenced and possibly to life in prison. However, Beyond’s death is still a mystery because there is no convincing testimony, the departure of the young, talented girl is still a mystery.

III. Famous Korean BJ found dead in Cambodia: Many doubts and doubts:

Departure with signs of possible physical impact before death prompts criminal professionals and the community to ask questions that need convincing answers:

Beyond BJ is famous in Korea
Beyond BJ is famous in Korea

1. Korea is a famous country for cosmetic surgery, beauty care, but why did Beyond come to Cambodia to take care of beauty? Even the girl who is famous and has a stable income in the land of Kim Chi, is the reason she came to Cambodia as the witness told?

2. The director couple caused her death after using the serum. Is it true that Beyond died from serum shock? The medical question raised questions, why the serum is only used in cases of malaria or tetanus. So why is a hospital that functions as a beauty salon allowed to use this drug and make sure it’s legal.

3. The suspicious signs of the Beyond’s physical effects before disappearing are reactions after a drug overdose or there is a secret being hidden. This is a question with many questions raised and still waiting for the investigating agency to report the final conclusion.

Famous Korean BJ found dead in Cambodia
Famous Korean BJ found dead in Cambodia


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