Viral Hit Episode 5 Hobin’s First Romantic Endeavor

The previous episode of Viral Hit showed Yoo’s struggles. He faced a lot of trouble with his new channel. Yoo also became very depressed after losing a fight. He also had a lot of trouble forming bonds with Bomi. Audiences are curious to see how things turn out for Yoo.

Character appears

Viral Hit Episode 5 Hobin’s First Romantic Endeavor
Viral Hit Episode 5 Hobin’s First Romantic Endeavor

Hobin Yoo
Jihyeok Woo
Bomi Choi

Synopsis Viral Hit Episode 5

Pakgo almost fights Hobin, but stops because Jihyeok is filming him. After school, he texts Bomi, but someone robs him of his phone. This prompts him to go get it back, which starts a fight.

Hobin prepares to implement his newfound fighting techniques, but Snapper manages to stop Pakgo by threatening to upload footage. Pakgo swears revenge upon Hobin, Snapper and Rumi.

Outside of school, Hobin is waiting for Snapper to make his next move. As he waits, he begins texting Bomi, who tells him she would rather call him. He is ecstatic, and even more happy when he sees a couple on the street recognize him. However, they end up attempting to rob him, and find out Hobin doesn’t have any money. The man takes Hobin’s phone, and Snapper tries to defend him but is beaten. He managed to get footage of the robbery, and advises Hobin to go after them and not disappoint his fans.

Viral Hit Episode 5
Viral Hit Episode 5

Hobin follows the couple to a karaoke place and demands his phone back. He notices the man is using his right hand to hold the mic, and figures it must be his dominant one. Hobin positions himself to the left and when the man swings, he leaps into the hit to take it before it reaches full force. His opponent continues to try and hit him, but he is an amateur, and swings his fist too far backwards. As Hobin tries to catch his hits before they become dangerous, the video looks as though he is weaving like a boxer. His fans are impressed, and Hobin loses the fear of getting hit in a fight.

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