Watch Video Kitty Falls Asleep While Standing Up On Twitter

Watch Video Kitty Falls Asleep While Standing Up On Twitter

On the social network Twitter, an adorable video with an image of a sleeping kitten in a standing position quickly attracted the attention of the online community. This video went viral and went viral on many websites and social media. Among them, the website shared this video to share the joy with the animal-loving community.

The image of a cute kitten dozing while standing has made many people unable to hold back their laughter. Sometimes, animals have “happy” sleeps and are just as adorable as humans. The fact that this cat fell asleep in a standing position made viewers admire for its cuteness and humor.

With a strong spread on social networks, this video has become an Internet phenomenon, attracting millions of views and shares. Website, a aggregator of funny and adorable content, couldn’t pass up this memorable sight and decided to share it with the community.


Enjoy this cute video to bring you moments of relaxation and laughter full of joy. Visit to watch the video and discover more interesting content about the animal world and daily life.

Sometimes, the lovely and funny moments in life can wake us up from our fatigue and bring us back to the real world. It’s not uncommon for us to fall into a light slumber, only to be awakened by a lovely and unexpected sight. And it was the video recording the adorable cat dozing that did it.

Kitty falls asleep while standing up on twitter is so cute!

On social networks, a short video has attracted the attention of many people. Pictures of cute kittens falling asleep have become a laughing stock and the adorable topic is widely shared. A second after I started to take a nap, which should have been a deep sleep, I woke up and couldn’t help laughing when I saw the kitten.

Sometimes, small moments like this can bring us joy and lightness in life. The kitten dozing in a standing position is a lovely and cute image, showing that the whole animal world has emotions and fatigue just like us.

If you want to find more relaxing moments, watch this video on the website It’s a great place to explore the adorable animal world and enjoy memorable moments like this dozing kitten.


Let these lovely images and sweet moments help you de-stress and enjoy the little but precious things in life.

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