Wheeless Bicycle Video: Extremely creative, breaking the rules of wheels

Learn about the wheelless bike in the video “wheeless bicycle” – a very unique creation that breaks the rules of traditional wheels. At, we promise to bring you a magical experience through this video. Discover how YouTuber ‘Q’, a licensed engineer, combined physics and engineering to build a brand new wheelless bike. You will be overwhelmed by the great creativity and the breaking of traditional rules. Watch this video at to discover a unique discovery in the field of engineering.

I. Eccentric YouTuber The Q is back with another proposal – What if the bike had NO wheels?

The Q is a US-based YouTuber known for doing unique experiments and inventions in the bicycle field. He has created many weird and fascinating bikes in his videos.

In one of the recent videos, The Q built a wheelless bicycle, a groundbreaking invention that transcends traditional bicycle design principles. Instead of the usual two wheels, this bike only has a long bar with external gears attached.

wheeless bicycle video
wheeless bicycle video

Although it is quite difficult to control this bike and currently it is not really useful in everyday life, it opens up the potential for new inventions and discoveries in the field of bicycles.

The Q has detailed the entire production process of this wheelless bike in his video, allowing the audience to follow along and enjoy his ideas and testing process.

II. About the Wheeless Bicycle Video.

Wheelless bicycle, interesting, a very unique version, surely when you go out on the road you will receive a lot of curiosity and attention. However, if compared in terms of speed, perhaps it needs to be further improved. It is only suitable for flat roads. Perhaps it is suitable for the ability to exercise the strength of the legs because it is quite heavy and strenuous to move.

wheeless bicycle video
wheeless bicycle video

To build a bike without wheels, The Q found a bike frame without wheels. However, instead of fitting conventional round wheels, he used linear metal components with a chain mounted on the rim and a rubber track around the chain, like the wheel belts seen on cars. increase. To get the pedals to work with this belt, Q added another gear to the bike frame, connecting the pedal to the top of the rear ‘wheel’. To secure the wheels in place, they are then fixed at two points, allowing them to hold the angled mounting position as you cycle.

wheeless bicycle video
wheeless bicycle video

Completely silent YouTube videos don’t provide much basis for justification – for example, why tilt the tracks when you can make them flat like a tank for added stability? Or why build a ridiculous thing like this AT ALL? However, Q’s 6 minute 47 second visual journey is quite an interesting ride… like his bike I suppose!

III. Wheeless Bicycle Video: Extremely creative, breaking the rules of wheels.

IV. Valuable and unique patent potential.

The Q’s unique invention of the wheelless bicycle demonstrates creativity and peripheral thinking in the field of bicycle design. Breaking all the traditional wheel rules and replacing them with a long bar with an outer gear set is a unique and challenging idea.

Although this bike is still quite difficult to handle and has no obvious usefulness in everyday life, it is an important step towards unlocking new potential in the field of design. bicycle design.

This invention sparks new thoughts and ideas, explores non-traditional methods of transportation, and can create a change in future bicycle technology.

The fact that The Q captures the entire production of this bike in the video is also a plus, allowing the audience to see his research, experimentation, and creative spirit.

To sum up, The Q’s unique invention of the wheelless bicycle has the potential to spur growth and innovation in the field of bicycle design. Although incomplete and not really useful, this idea offers a new perspective and creates excitement for those interested in technology and creativity.

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