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Thinkking.vn presents an in-depth article titled “Who Is Mauris Bhai? Abhishek Ghosalkar Full Video Live,” which delves into the chilling events that unfolded during a live video in Borivali. The piece offers a comprehensive analysis of the tragic incident where Abhishek Ghosalkar, a former Shiv Sena corporator, was fatally shot by Mauris ‘Bhai’ Noronha. This critical examination seeks to understand the motives of the assailant, the political implications of the act, and the immediate aftermath, including the suicide of the shooter. By scrutinizing the full video footage and its impact on viewers and the political community, Thinkking.vn provides a poignant narrative of the event and its reverberations through the fabric of Mumbai’s society.


I. The Unfolding Tragedy: Live-streaming a Murder

In a grim narrative that unfolded in real-time on social media, Abhishek Ghosalkar, an ex-Sena corporator and a notable figure in Mumbai’s political circles, was ruthlessly shot dead during a live broadcast on Facebook. The incident, which took place in the suburban neighborhood of Borivali, has left the city in a state of shock and mourning. The live video, intended to be a platform for reconciliation, became a harrowing spectacle of violence, raising the question on everyone’s lips: “Who Is Mauris Bhai? Abhishek Ghosalkar Full Video Live.”

The video, now etched in the public memory, captures the chilling moments when Ghosalkar, who was engaged in what seemed to be a peace-making dialogue, was suddenly attacked. The assailant, known as Mauris ‘Bhai’, took his own life shortly after, adding a morbid twist to the already tragic event. The “Abhishek Ghosalkar Full Video,” which streamed live, has since stirred a hornet’s nest of debates about the safety of public figures and the impact of social media on the dissemination of such shocking content.

Abhishek Ghosalkar, the victim of this heinous act, was a prominent Shiv Sena leader with a substantial following. His political acumen and advocacy for the people of Mumbai earned him respect across the political spectrum. Hailing from a family with a legacy in politics, his father, Vinod Ghosalkar, also served as an MLA, underscoring the family’s deep roots in Maharashtra’s political landscape. The younger Ghosalkar was known for his community-centric approach and had been an influential voice in the local governance of the city.

The label “Shiv Sena Leader Abhishek Ghosalkar Shot in Mumbai Firing” has dominated headlines, signifying not only the loss of a political leader but also the abrupt end to a life dedicated to public service. As the city grapples with the ramifications of this incident, the void left by Ghosalkar’s untimely departure is palpable, with tributes pouring in from all corners. His demise is not just a personal tragedy but also a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that public figures face in an era where live-streaming can turn into a double-edged sword, bringing unfiltered realities into the public eye with just the click of a button.

abhishek ghosalkar facebook live video
abhishek ghosalkar facebook live video

II. Mauris ‘Bhai’: The Man Behind the Gun

Mauris Noronha, known colloquially as Mauris ‘Bhai’, is the enigmatic figure at the center of the tragic shooting of Abhishek Ghosalkar, which was shockingly captured on a live video. The question “Who Is Mauris Bhai?” echoes through the corridors of Mumbai’s society as people try to piece together the identity and motives of the man who pulled the trigger on the fateful day.

Noronha was not a public figure in the conventional sense; his name did not grace the pages of daily news or flash across the political billboards. Yet, in the aftermath of the incident, his identity became the subject of intense scrutiny. The video that was meant to document a peaceful resolution to past disagreements between him and Ghosalkar instead turned into evidence of a deep-seated animosity culminating in violence.

The “Abhishek Ghosalkar Video” featuring Mauris has since been dissected by the public, law enforcement, and media in an attempt to understand the psyche of the assailant. What led this man to commit such an act in front of a live audience? Was it a spur-of-the-moment decision, or the result of a long-standing feud?

Details of Noronha’s life, his connection to Ghosalkar, and the events leading up to the incident are crucial in unraveling the narrative that ended in tragedy. His background, the nature of his relationship with the former Sena corporator, and any potential signs of his impending actions are now the subject of a broader discussion about the interplay of personal vendettas and public behavior.

As investigators dig deeper into Mauris ‘Bhai’s past and his final days, the community is left to ponder the complexities of human relationships and the ways in which social media can unwittingly serve as a stage for the most personal and final of acts. The video, which is likely to be scrutinized in the public eye for years to come, serves as a haunting documentation of a life lost and a reminder of the fragility of peace when old wounds are left to fester.

abhishek ghosalkar shoot
abhishek ghosalkar shoot

III. The Motive and the Moment

The chronology of the event leading to the murder of Abhishek Ghosalkar, a prominent Shiv Sena leader, began with a live video stream that was poised to be a platform for reconciliation but ended in tragedy. The “Abhishek Ghosalkar Firing” unfolded in real-time, capturing the attention and horror of viewers as Mauris Noronha, known as Mauris ‘Bhai’, disrupted the peace dialogue with gunfire. The live broadcast, intended to showcase political diplomacy, became the stage for a shocking act that would lead to Ghosalkar’s untimely death and the subsequent suicide of the assailant.

In the aftermath, the “Abhishek Ghosalkar Murder Case” prompted an immediate and intense investigation into the motives behind the killing. It became clear that behind the murder lay a complex web of political rivalries and personal vendettas. Speculation arose around possible disputes between the two men, with questions about whether the act was a result of political animosity, a personal grudge, or a combination of both.

The ghastly moment of violence has since been dissected by law enforcement, political analysts, and the media, seeking to understand the deeper currents that led to such a public and brutal confrontation. The incident not only marked the end of a life dedicated to public service but also exposed the underbelly of political dynamics fraught with perilous personal hatreds.

Ex Sena corporator shot at in Borivali during live video
Ex Sena corporator shot at in Borivali during live video

IV. The Fallout: Political Shockwaves and Law Enforcement’s Response

The fallout from the public assassination of Abhishek Ghosalkar sent political shockwaves through Mumbai’s corridors of power, prompting immediate reactions from various political entities and public figures. The stark reality that the shooter, Mauris ‘Bhai’, ended his own life moments after the incident only intensified the public outcry and the scrutiny of the event. Politicians from all sides condemned the violence, with many calling for a thorough investigation into the root causes of the tragedy.

Law enforcement agencies swiftly responded to the scene, and the ensuing investigations became a top priority. The fact that the shooter died by suicide complicated the process, leaving authorities to piece together the motives and planning behind the incident without the possibility of interrogating the perpetrator. The police delved into Noronha’s background, his political affiliations, and his relationships to understand the events leading up to the shooting.

The incident raised immediate concerns about the safety of public figures, especially in light of the live broadcast that captured the murder. Security protocols for elected officials and political events came under review, and discussions about the role of social media in broadcasting such acts of violence became more urgent.

The “Shooter dies by suicide” headline underscored the dual tragedy of the event, prompting both a reflection on mental health issues and a conversation about the intersection of personal turmoil with public violence. As the city reeled from the impact, the law enforcement’s response continued to evolve, focusing on prevention, improved security measures, and the need for better crisis management strategies in the digital age.

VI. Remembering Abhishek Ghosalkar

The tragic death of Abhishek Ghosalkar has elicited a flood of tributes and condolences from across the political spectrum and the public. A figure deeply entrenched in Mumbai’s political fabric, Ghosalkar’s abrupt demise has left a profound void. Colleagues, constituents, and adversaries alike have reflected on his impact, remembering him not just for his political endeavors but also for his personal contributions to the community. The legacy of “Abhishek Ghosalkar” is marked by his advocacy for the people and his vision for the city he served.

The somber reflection on his life and the circumstances of his death have prompted a broader discourse on the nature of public service and the safety of those who dedicate their lives to it. Ghosalkar’s journey from a local leader to a respected politician is commemorated in vigils and memorials, with people from all walks of life paying homage. The tragedy of his death, underscored by the violent and public manner in which it occurred, has sparked a collective mourning and a resolute call to honor his memory by striving for a more secure and unified political climate.


  1. Who was Abhishek Ghosalkar in the context of the full video live incident?

In the context of the full video live incident, Abhishek Ghosalkar was a former Shiv Sena corporator who was tragically shot during a live broadcast in Borivali, becoming the victim of a violent assault that was shockingly captured on camera for viewers to witness in real time.

2. What happened during the live video in Borivali?

During the live video in Borivali, Abhishek Ghosalkar, an ex-Shiv Sena corporator, was shot by Mauris ‘Bhai’ Noronha. The incident, occurring amid what was intended to be a reconciliatory broadcast, ended with the assailant committing suicide, all unfolding on camera before a live audience.

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